Kingsgrove to Revesby Alliance

“The K2RQ Alliance engaged Systemix in late 2010 to reinvigorate the team’s commitment to articulating and building a strong alliance culture. With teams representing multiple technical disciplines and with varying tenures on the K2RQ Project, Systemix’s challenge was to encourage all personnel to critically evaluate the Alliance’s existing culture and contribute to actions which would enhance team morale and cooperation for the remaining 18 months of the project.

Systemix worked patiently and professionally during several planning workshops with the project’s Alliance Management team and key discipline leaders to build advocacy for the need to enhance the Alliance’s internal culture.

Systemix provided the Alliance’s leaders with insightful tools and advice to help the team identify its preferred culture and how best to communicate with different personality types to achieve this objective.

K2RQ’s Alliance Management team welcomed Systemix’s passion for culture improvement and their encouraging attitude to ensure management succeed in setting achievable actions to enhance our culture.”

David Jackson, Alliance Manager – K2RQ

About this Project


The quadruplicating of the Kingsgrove to Revesby rail line involved civil and rail systems construction work, with significant environmental and community impact.


>> Systemix was initially engaged to facilitate issues with the Rail Corp and TCA design approval processes, which were influencing the progress of the project.

>> Systemix supported a major cultural development program for strong integration between civil and rail systems and support functions in the alliance.

>> Systemix initially supported the proponent‟s successful preparation for the selection process. Subsequently, Systemix was engaged to facilitate critical commercial and governance conversations and the RailCorp-TCA design approval process ,which was a key success factor for project completion.


Effective relationships between K2RQ, RailCorp and the TCA design approvals team were created. The teams experienced positive changes in their ability to relate and communicate following the cultural development program.

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