M80 Upgrade

“This alliance was challenging given scoping options and interdependencies with other projects.

Systemix provided excellent insight, materials and support to help generate an excellent outcome. A particular highlight for us as experienced alliance practitioners was the rigor of the commercial alignment processes – using tools the likes of which we had not seen in previous alliances – which added real value to the commercial alignment process, to our value for money aspirations and to building a robust relationship with our proponents.

We valued the ability to have challenging discussions with Systemix as the process unfolded focused on striving for continually improved outcomes.”

Trevor Boyd, Project Director – Vic Roads

About this Project


VicRoads has extensive experience in delivering alliance projects – the Tulla Sydney Alliance is VicRoads 6th alliance, and is a critical component of the $2.3B M80 upgrade program.

Following a competitive tender process, Systemix was engaged to advise on the structure of the alliance and to design and conduct the establishment process. One of the key reasons for Systemix’s selection was the opportunity to bring new ideas and concepts to the VicRoads alliance processes.


The scope of Systemix’s engagement included:

>> Strategic planning
>> Assisting with RFP development
>> Owner’s team preparation
>> Proponent interviews and selection workshops
>> Facilitating the commercial alignment

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