Regional Rail Link Project Rail Systems Alliance (Package G)

Regional Rail Link is a landmark infrastructure project designed to remove major bottlenecks in Victoria’s rail network. It does this by untangling metropolitan and regional tracks as they travel through Melbourne’s west into the heart of the city.

Dedicated regional tracks have been built from West Werribee Junction to Deer Park, then along the existing rail corridor from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station. When complete, passengers on the Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat lines will have a streamlined journey through the metropolitan system.

About this Project


The need for a more sustained focus on procedural and improvement methodology on RRL-G led to Systemix being engaged to create a culture of high performance on the project.

This was supported by the streamlining and optimisation of operational processes and procedures in crucial project areas such as delivery, procurement, finance, quality, completions, planning and design.


Systemix engaged a combination of senior and more junior consultants in order to maximise impact for cost.

Our consultants instigated:

  • Culture and high performance leadership program
  • Streamlining and optimisation of crucial project functions
  • Design and delivery optimisation and performance management
  • Process development and continuous improvement methodology
  • Document control and completions
  • Value engineering and work stream cost optimisation strategy


  • Clearer communication and faster issue resolution through all levels
  • Significant reduction in work cycle time and uptake of content
  • Increased output of design and delivery teams resulting in on time and on budget delivery
  • Establishment of effective frameworks for the control and measurement of progress
  • Integration of all document management systems and accuracy of completions reporting
  • Reduction in total project cost of $18.5m

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