Water Delivery Alliance

“Systemix were highly professional and discreet in their dealings with members of the Water Delivery Alliance. Our members trusted Systemix, and were comfortable talking to them, which enabled Systemix to work with the management team to improve meetings and effective decision making.

Systemix also coached AMT members on developing teams and how to have open and honest conversations. This resulted in our management team being able to have robust and constructive discussions, reach best for project decisions and be cohesive and unified.

The end result was an alliance with one culture, clear goals and a high performing and motivated team.”

 Susan Trousdale – Water Delivery Alliance

About this Project


Building a pipeline from the desalination plant at Kurnell in NSW to join Sydney Water infrastructure was a technical engineering challenge – with environmental, community and political impacts.

After completing an alliance health check, Systemix was engaged to coach the alliance and develop a constructive culture.
The team needed to improve performance and deal with challenges and opportunities uncovered by the health check.


The scope of Systemix’s engagement included:

>> Coaching the AMT and ALT to improve team function
>> Introducing effective meeting processes
>> Facilitating constructive communications
>> Supporting team development during the project, cultivating a positive and innovative culture between the design and construction teams.


The project was delivered on time and under budget, performing well in all KRAs.

Sydney Water considers the delivery of the project to be highly successful and identified Systemix’s involvement with coaching the team as a turning point for success.

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