Through-life delivery support

Delivering a major contract can be more complex than running a business: there are increasingly high levels of ambiguity, technical complexity, commercial pressure, people and cultural dynamics, procedural hoops and significant stakeholder and communications challenges compounding the “normal” project delivery challenges of time, cost and quality considerations.

Nowhere is this more evident and critical than during the project-defining mobilisation period where challenges and expectations are maximal, and maturity and capacity are fledgling. This can often result in projects being born with very significant challenges from which they never recover or, at best, consume enormous resources to regain an acceptable outcome.

Systemix has been active on countless projects throughout the  lifecycle – often commencing in the tender or procurement stage transitioning into mobilisation and completion.

We offer high-impact project facilitation services to ensure the leadership and governance groups have understood the challenges and defined a strategic success plan.  From this point, we offer services including project and culture health checks; strategic facilitation; coaching and mentoring; behavioural-based safety programs; lean construction / continuous collaborative improvement methodologies; leadership development; mediation and conflict resolution services; and various skills development programs including time management, conducting effective meetings and communications.

Again, we think it makes sense for our clients to expect us to put some skin in the game and we are more than happy to link our commercial outcomes to those of our clients.  We look forward to working with you on maximising the performance of your toughest projects.


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