Tender Success Strategies

We understand the key elements underpinning what it takes to be successful when tendering for complex contracts i.e. when there’s more involved than “comply and be the cheapest”. We have assisted hundreds of successful tenderers to design and/or implement their tender success strategies, which ideally commence well before the owner publishes any tender documentation and ties back to good business strategy, marketing, business development and pre-contracts practices.

Our track record includes selection process for alliance contracts (single and twin TOCs), ECI’s, incentivised cost reimbursable contracts, PPPs, collaborative D&C and construct only hard money contracts. Our approach is to work with the key players to design the winning strategy then support and challenge the team across the key success streams to develop and communicate the most compelling offer possible. We put our money where our mouth is by offering fee at risk / incentivised arrangements for these assignments. Talk to us about an upcoming tender you are considering, about one you’re in the middle of now and need urgent support or about tendering in general and we’ll quickly let you know if and how we can help.


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